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Creative Commons Song

Saturday, November 19, 2005
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Here is the Creative Commons Song, or purists might say Creative Commons Aria, which made its debut at Speakers' Corner (and even managed to shut up the hecklers, who were probably too busy holding their hands over their ears to say anything) - as mentioned in my Copyfighters London November 2005 post (strictly I guess it should be the "Creative Commons BY-NC-SA Song" but that doesn't have quite the same ring, somehow). This recording was made with a backing, unlike in the park - it's way too slow for my tastes or indeed my vocal cords (so you'll have to bear with that!), but it's the only backing I've got... And if you don't want to risk your eardrums then don't listen to it - you have been warned. So, in the tradition of Richard Stallman's Free Software Song:
Creative Commons Song MP3 - 2.4 MB
Creative Commons Song Ogg - 1.3 MB (there has to be an Ogg version, of course!).

And the lyrics -

Creative Commons Song
This is Creative Commons:
Something that you've created
Somebody else can copy
Spreading the word about you
You see, they're free to copy
But they must give you credit
And others then can copy
Giving you credit anew
And if they make some money so must you - you profit too! [Added 27 Nov: alternative line - "And they can make some money only if - you profit too" - see the comments!]
Isn't that fair, and how?
So get Creative now...

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

(Both the recording and lyrics (or "libretto" if I want to be highbrow, heh heh) are, like everything else on my blog, copyright Improbulus but, of course, licensed under a Creative Commons licence, some rights reserved. Which, yes, means effectively that anyone can copy them for non-commercial purposes, and even remix it, as long as they credit me and link back to me, etc - see the licence for full details.)

[Added 27 November:] And thank you to "slightly paranoid Debian developer" Uwe Hermann, who kindly emailed me to say he'd posted about the song and even podcast it. Cheers Uwe! :)

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5 Comment(s):

If I ever had any confusion about what CC stands for, this song has enlightened me :).

Thanks for another informative, witty and "impish"-style post. You rock!!

(By ChickyBabe, at Saturday, November 19, 2005 10:37:00 PM)  Edit Comment

She does rock!!! Another one of your many talents comes out. Bravo! Encore! Where's my lighter? I strike my Bic and wave it above me head.

You are truly a woman of many skills and talents. Howzabout more songs??

(By Kirk, at Monday, November 21, 2005 4:57:00 AM)  Edit Comment

This is really a good idea !

She has a nicer voice than mister stallman, this should help !

This should be posted on Jamendo ( www.jamendo.com ) in order to get it published in peer to peer networks !

(By Laurent KRATZ, at Tuesday, November 22, 2005 10:06:00 AM)  Edit Comment

Please please please make this available as CC-BY-SA so that the line "And if they make some money so must you - you profit too!" makes sense! /ohps

(By Anonymous, at Tuesday, November 22, 2005 3:58:00 PM)  Edit Comment

CB, Kirk & Laurent, thank you! Hmm Jamendo, will think about it. Anyone else who wants to can post it there subject to the licence, of course.

Anon, nope, I did mean NC (non-commercial). No one else is allowed make money from my song (i.e. exploit it commercially). If they want to do that, e.g.sell it, they have to come to me and ask for my permission. And I'd only give it I got a decent cut (i.e. I must profit too from my stuff or else I won't let them make money from it). "And if they make some money so must you - you profit too!" Geddit, Anon? A variation might be clearer - "And they can make some money only if you profit too" (but I'd recorded that version already and hadn't the time/energy to do another one - gimme a break, I only scribbled the lyrics out on the Tube on the way to the November 2005 Copyfighters London meet, getting it to scan was hard enough!). However if I've misunderstood the actual meaning of that CC licence then please anyone who knows better should feel free to correct me.

'Sides it's SA so if anyone would like to change that line to reflect the essence of that licence more clearly, you know what to do and how!

(By Improbulus, at Sunday, November 27, 2005 2:07:00 AM)  Edit Comment

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