Wednesday, 13 July 2005

Something completely different

A total departure from what I normally blog about these days, but when there is a challenge I usually try to rise to it. Plus it's been a while since Improbulus did anything online which remotely reflects the name (yeah, I know it's meant to be masculine, but hey nothing's perfect!).

And incidentally, this should illustrate that I can, believe it or not, in fact write on more than one thing, in more than one style...

Be warned though - some might consider this a little, shall we say, racy - in more than one sense.

Check it out, if you dare!

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TaB said...

The Sigmund in me, and not err that one time at Oom-Pah camp Freudian under my slip either, is thinking all sorts now.. do you call your bike lucky or Lucky Pierre, and have you ever been to france, and would you like to come with me sometime?.. hehe
Bad concorde bad concordé

Fab stuff! As the little boy says.. more please

Improbulus said...

Hey Tab. Glad you like! That was deliberate of course, my own particular take on CB's blog...

You'll have to tell me about Oom-Pah camp sometime. And there's something I must tell you on the QT.

You've concorded of course, I assume? THAT would be a ride and a half!

ChickyBabe said...

At last! A comment! I did not want to be the first... :)

Plenty of hits for your post on my blog, Improbulus, but not a single comment!

Dare I say what creative literary talent the Technorati Queen has?

Now who said geek can't be sexy ;).

RedRyder said...

Nice! Lady Imp indeed! I'm...errr...well i gotta go. ;-)