Wednesday, 13 April 2005

Leave my cookies alone!

Cookies that you can't delete? A marketing technology company, United Virtualities, has developed just that:
"Implementation of the PIE technology is instantaneous and requires the insertion of just a line of code. UV plans to sell the PIE technology to publishers and Networks who are worried about cookies being deleted."

There have been lots of reports about this new "PIE" or "Persistent Identification Element" already. So I'll just add my voice to that of those who say: it's my life and my cookies, I want to be the one in charge!

Having a marketer control my cookies to the extent I can't get rid of them is downright creepy and scary, and feels very invasive. I already delete cookies routinely before every shutdown in IE anyway, and only have per session cookies in Firefox except for certain sites where I want to keep the cookies for ease of login (e.g. Blogger).

So - no no no no NO!!! to PIEs. I hope someone works out a way to bring up a warning flag if you're about to visit websites that uses PIEs, because I would simply refuse to visit them at all. General consumer boycott, anyone?

Better still, I hope someone develops an anti-PIE fix, for those sites you have no choice but to go to. I'd be one of the first in the queue.

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SatishTalim said...

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Improbulus said...

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