Thursday, 9 October 2008

Girl with A One-Track Mind: "Social Media - How Not To Get Fucked"

Zoe Margolis aka sex blogger Abby Lee ran a presentation / discussion on "Social Media - How Not To Get Fucked", at Social Media Camp London 2008 (see the Wikipedia entry on Zoe and her blog Girl with A One-Track Mind; her blog and "outing" led to many changes in her life).

I was delighted by the way that Zoe came to my presentation on How to be Pseudonymous, and remarked that she wished she'd known some of the points before.

Here's my video of part of Zoe's session (I only starting videoing part way through on hearing that the batteries in Zoe's Flip video recorder had run out, sod's law innit!):

And here's the audio recording - of the full session all the way from the start, this time (click the arrow to stream, the text to download):

MP3 of Social Media - How not to get fucked

Apologies - the video was shot using my Nokia N95 smartphone and there's some distortion due to a combo of my holding it the wrong way round (shows how often I use video on this phone!), having as a result to rotate the video 90 degrees (here's how) which mucked up the aspect ratio, and me not knowing enough yet about video processing to fix it!

The audio quality is better on the recording (which I did using my Zoom H4 recorder).

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