Sunday, 12 October 2008

Eggcorns 3

I generally like "eggcorns" - apt wrong phrases, e.g. "nerve-wrecking" (correct phrase: nerve wracking).

However, I am really starting to hate the following two eggcorns because I now see them everywhere, and I'm starting to mutter or scream "Get it right, willya?!" more often than is probably good for me, or anyone else in my vicinity:
  1. "free reign" (it should be free rein, dammit! though according to the Eggcorns Database it's so commonly misused that it's effectively now mainstream)

  2. "vocal chords" (it's vocal cords) - as in the article on this page with a very funny video showing a, well, unique wedding dress, worth viewing for the hilarity factor.
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