Friday, 24 August 2007

Happy birthday Blogger! But where's our pressies..?

Pete announced yesterday (must have been Californian time so I missed it) that Blogger is 8 years old.

Happy birthday, Blogger, and congratulations!

He also said "Come back later this afternoon for a present."

There's still no sign of a present though, and it's "tomorrow". It's not 1 April so they're probably just keeping us waiting to heighten the anticipation.

I want my pressie! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Cake! Icecream! (But hey I'm not fussy, I'll settle for fixing the killer ampersand thang...)

There. I'm wailing on behalf of Kirk so he doesn't have to. He can maintain a strong manly silence while still desperately checking back every few minutes for his Blogger present. :P


Efendi said...

yup ^^

they also celebrating by giving out the 'Add Video Feature' ;)

have a nice weekend ^^

kirk said...

Well, I wouldn't keep checking if they hadn't promised!

Last year we only got a weird blogger logo with a dog wearing a party hat! I was hoping for something a little more substantial this time.

Or at the very least cake.

Improbulus said...

Ta efendi. But hmmph. Add Video, if it works with files of more than 5 MB then I'll celebrate.

Kirk, maybe cake next year!