Saturday, 11 August 2007

Blogger: Internet Explorer 7 Compose mode problem with pics too

Blogger's Known Issues Blog includes a note about a problem which can happen when you drag a pic in Compose mode using Internet Explorer 6 after you've uploaded it: after publishing, it may not be possible to click through to the full size version of the moved image.

However I've noticed a separate issue, not sure if it's related, to do with uploaded pics and photos in Compose mode using Internet Explorer 7 - spotted when my beloved Firefox decided to go on the fritz again so I had to switch to IE temporarily (requiring scream therapy on account of the loss of uploaded pics, as I'll come to mentioning. See, I'm avoiding all mention of comfort icecream this time). And the issue is repeatable, so I suspect it may also be a bug.

This is the issue: if using Internet Explorer 7 you upload a pic to Blogger, and in Compose mode you select the image and cut it using Ctrl-x (if you're a keyboard shortcut fan), then try to paste it elsewhere in the post with Ctrl-v, well you can Ctrl-v till you go blue in the face, or rather fingers, but nothing happens. You've lost the code and URL for the pic, and you'll have to upload it all over again - well it's quicker than looking for the URL of the uploaded pic in PicasaWeb isn't it, though you could do that instead if you prefer. The solution is the same as for the earlier known issue: go to Edit mode instead, and cut and paste the code for the pic from there.

I did a quick screencast showing that you can drag a pic in Compose mode in IE7 and that the code moves with it in Edit mode, but if you try to use Ctrl-x and Ctrl-v on the pic in Compose mode, nothing happens at all and you lose the code completely. The nothing visible happening at the end of the video is me trying to go Ctrl-v without, well, anything happening! In case you wonder.

I used that as an opportunity to try out Jing but I'm not going to embed the video to display it in this blog post because you can't resize the video and it'll muck up my blog by covering up my sidebar (see what I mean on a test blog? - that's one of the issues with Jing, I've encountered a few). So just check out the video direct if you're interested. A fuller review of Jing will follow at some point.

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