Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Krusell Multidapt cases: phones, etc - review

(Follow up: I'm rather less keen on Krusell now. See Krusell cases review 2: pah!)

For quality, value for money leather cases to suit your mobile phone, PDA, digital camera, MP3 player, gaming (e.g. Sony PSP), PMP (e.g. Archos) or other portable electronics device, with loads of flexibility in the way you can carry or attach it, look no further than the Swedish company Krusell.

Because of their patented Multidapt system and lifetime case guarantee, they're my first choice for mobile phone cases and cases for other technology gadgets - and yes, I've bought more than one, plus several of their accessories too.

For instance, I have a Verticalic XS Long, now discontinued but replaced by newer versions, from Mobilefun (who stock a decent variety of Krusell and other cellphone cases). It fits both the LG Chocolate (see my various posts on the Chocolate) and the LG Shine (see my posts on the Shine). It's also fine for an old Nokia I sometimes use. This is what that mobile phone case looks like, as an example (all pics on this post are copyright Krusell, reproduced here for review purposes only):

I've even taken to wearing a belt so that I can clip my phones on to the belt using their clever slide/swivel kit. Briefly, there's a special connector that attaches easily but securely to their cases (and you can remove it easily too, by sticking a pen tip inside the hole).

They sell lots of adapters that then fit on in turn, again easily but securely, to that connector. So you can use the same case and connector, but with different adapters (or even the same adapter) for different situations. And it only takes a second to attach or remove the device, within its case, to your belt, arm, bike handlebar etc. There's usually a built-in belt loop too, for those who prefer that.

For a fairly detailed round up/comparison of the different attachment accessories see Clie UK. I like the "clip on" slide/swivel kit best myself, it feels more secure to me than the spring or slide-on clips, and it's quick to clip on to a belt (whereas the metal ones have to be threaded onto the belt, and I feel life's too short to be threading and unthreading stuff through a belt when changing trousers/jeans!).


  • Good quality leather cases - strong, smooth, nice looking leather
  • Cases tailormade for most models of mobile phones etc. are available, although there are also generic cases
  • Variety of colours and styles available - horizontal, vertical, black, white, etc
  • Reasonable prices
  • Amazingly flexible yet reliable ways of carrying or attaching your phone etc to your waistband, belt, belt loop, bike handlebar, car etc, via a wide range of adapters - easy to attach and remove quickly; and if you've more than one Krusell case the adapters work for all of them, so you can swap between cases as needed
  • Lifetime guarantee for cases - and from what I've personally heard they do honour that guarantee, quickly and courteously. Which is more than one can say for lots of other companies
  • Choosing the right case - the Krusell site helpfully lets you select your device's manufacturer and model, and then suggests which of their cases will fit your phone, PDA etc.


  • Multida- whaaa? - until you've tried one of their cases, it's not at all clear how their Multidapt system works. I'd never have bought a Krusell case in the first place, even after looking at their Website, if my retailer hadn't had a "return if not satisfied" promise. Since trying Krusell, however, I wouldn't buy a case from anyone else unless Krusell didn't make one in the size I needed.
    • Flash video: fortunately, Krusell have since had the good sense to produce a video explaining their system, so you can suss it out before you buy (there's too much marketing/PR guff at the start of it, though, they should just get on with the demo of how the connector works!)
  • Lifetime guarantee doesn't apply to clips, swivels or other accessories - only to the leather cases themselves. You'd have to pay for posting the case all the way to Sweden (unless of course you're within your retailer's own warranty period), but they pay for returning the repaired or replacement case to you.
  • Magnetic area too small? - for cases with a magnetic fastening, the magnet is normally strong enough but I've found you have to be very careful how you close the case - if it's not closed in exactly the right place so that it firmly clicks and holds, then the cover is liable to fall open so that your phone tips out (luckily mine have been robust enough not to break, and I now take an extra second to make very certain that the magnet has "taken" properly when I close the case).
Yes, this is a very positive review - but then (apart from the magnet issue, which I can deal with by being more careful), I've had nothing but positive experiences with Krusell and their cases. If only they made a case wide enough for my beloved Psion 5mx... (I admit it, I'm probably a bit of a "power user" myself, exactly as the end of that Wikipedia article says!).

(Follow up: I'm rather less keen on Krusell now. See Krusell cases review 2: pah!)

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