Sunday, 1 April 2007

Delicious user survey: have your say, that grandaddy of social bookmarking sites now owned by Yahoo, has put up a user survey to seek feedback and views from users / consumers.

They say they'll post a summary of results a few weeks after the survey closes - but the only thing is, they don't indicate when the survey will close, surely a pre-requisite if they want to encourage participation! So if you want your views to be heard, you'd best take the survey soon. There's been many a survey I've meant to take, but they've not included a clear deadline date, and by the time I've got round to it and checked with them, it's over - they'd save lots of time and have more takers if only they made the deadline clear so busy people can schedule in time to fill it in before the deadline.

They'd like to find out:
  • why you use Delicious
  • what features are important to you: tags, private bookmarks, popular or recent bookmarks, the home page (hotlist, tags to watch, etc.), ability to write notes for your bookmarks, network, Links for you, or Subscriptions, Firefox or IE extensions, bookmarklets, or other browser integration, search, Tagometer, linkroll, tagroll, or network badges
  • how often you look at or search your own bookmarks
  • how often do you look at or search other people's bookmarks on
  • what you use to get to your own bookmarks on (their site, feeds, Firefox extension etc)
  • which other specified Web 2.0 / social networking sites you've used in the past week (including Blogger /
  • your attitude towards new Internet services and tools (early adopter etc)
  • overall, how satisfied are you with
  • how likely would you be to recommend as a social bookmarking website
  • how likely are you to continue using
  • how it compares with other sites in your view, is it going in the right direction etc
  • how easy is it to navigate, is it engaging or interesting, encourages participation, fast loading, visually appealing, is it innovative etc
  • how relevant, useful, helpful, personalised, accurate, reliable
  • your age group and gender (which you can refuse to reveal!)
  • your city/state/country
  • would you like to take part in future surveys, if so are you in market research or affliated with Microsoft, Google, Yahoo etc, have you taken part in other usability studies or focus groups recently, and your contact details
  • your username (optional) and
  • there's a box where you can say anything extra that you want to.
I look forward to seeing the results of the survey - should be interesting.

I don't use Delicious as much as I would like to, because I can't clip bits of webpages like I can with Clipmarks and I can't organise tags into hierarchical categories and sub-categories (so that parents automatically include the child tags such that I don't have to tag something with both child AND parent words) - but with parallel multiple hierarchies which have some of the same child tags, if I so wish.

Basically, I'm still seeking the online note taker of my dreams (with full keyboard shortcuts of course) to sweep me off my feet, and it's probably pointless to languish in hopeful anticipation for Delicious (even a Yahooified Delicious) to do it for me. Any suggestions as to possible knights, or even slightly shiny armour or off-white chargers, please let me know!

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