Sunday, 29 April 2007

Funny brand statement

Elena Miro' is an Italian designer brand for what they call "larger sizes" - in other words, outside of the world of high fashion, what most of us would call "normal sized women" and up. Yes, I've shopped there myself, before anyone takes offence. They have some very cool designs (and a clever sizing policy - I'm S or XS there, which is a nice change. Though I'm also XS in Gap T-shirts, go figure. Mostly UK size 14 everywhere else though, for the one person who's interested!)

However, even I found this brand statement of theirs a bit - well, worthy of Private Eye's Pseuds Corner, certainly. (And hmm maybe I should send it in to them).

I couldn't stop giggling when I first read it. It's just clothes for larger women, FFS! But hey, never mind, beauty has no measurements only forms, breathe, breathe, breathe in the differences!!


Web Satan said...

Quite a nice job done. I hope you could come to my blog and put in your expert views.

Web Satan

kirk said...

Does FFS mean what I think it means? :-)

Apparently the people involved reject the "Less is More" philosophy and believe that, indeed "More is More".

yikes. Breathe in the Differences.
That may be my new tagline.

Improbulus said...

Ta Web Satan!

Kirk, yep, FFS means For Fire's Sake - in the tradition of your favorite search engine Technorati... ;)

That's brilliant. More is more! And do you not have a desire to follow the women who change, who run fast (presumably to shake off all the people who're following them cos they spotted them changing)??!