Thursday, 11 September 2008

Condom ringtone MP3 from BBC World Service Trust

Sex, singing & technology - what a combo. The BBC World Service Trust have cleverly hit all 3 spots, delivering a serious educational public service "safe sex" message and sparking lots of discussion, by releasing a free "condom" MP3 ring tone in India for true tone mobile phones (click the arrow to play it online, click the title to download):
Condom ringtone - a capella (MP3, 691k)

Just imagine an Indian male barbershop group (a good one too) singing the word "Condom" repeatedly, a capella - and hopefully that'll induce you to listen to MP3, if you weren't curious enough already! It's been a big success, ooooh such a big, big, big one, at least judging by the blog posts it's generated as well as the news reports and the stats listed in the BBC blog post on the World Service Trust Condom Ringtone.

There's a funny promo video too.

To top it all (so to speak), the BBC blog post noted that when they were recording the ring tone in Mumbai part of the waveform for the audio looked like this (screenshot of the blog post purely for the purposes of reportage and comparison, as you'll see later):

Of course, I had to have a look for myself, purely in the interests of scientific enquiry of course, and using the free open source software Audacity I think I've found the operative bit (ahem). Or another bit that's similar, anyway - where it was a "dom" with a "condom":

Or maybe it was this bit, when the piece was rising, err I mean increasing, in intensity:

And this other portion looks like something else altogether, cough cough, but needless to say a condom should still be used, always - if only because of the risks that Greenpeace has pointed out! </Imp's public service message>.

Try to find the spot for yourself. Download the ringtone, if not for your cellphone then just to have lots of fun moving it around and zooming in. And out. And in. And out.

(Sorry sorry sorry, I just couldn't resist the naughty double entendres. As regular readers will know!)

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