Monday, 18 February 2008

Amazon website funny

I'd been craving the sexy silver & blue Bluetooth headset used by the fictional Torchwood team in the first series of that superb BBC TV programme (it's a Doctor Who spinoff, for non-SF fans - BBC Torchwood page - well worth watching, by the way, it's been called an adult version of Dr Who).

The headsets they used aren't fake, they're real. Ian Forrester (who seems to know every gadget there is) identified the headset as being a Bluespoon unit.

So, I got round to investigating Bluespoon. And this is what Amazon's UK website had on the Bluespoon:

Yes, your eyes aren't deceiving you. It has to be a boo boo. The pic is of scissors. Ouch, I say. Try poking that in your ear. Shurely shome mishtake?

Earlier today, the image on the Amazon search results page was correct:

- but the image on the main page showed: a pair of scissors.

Now, Amazon UK are showing scissors for the Bluespoon on both the main page and their search results page. What a great website howler. How I laughed. (Hey, I'm easy to amuse, I need something to keep my funnybones in shape!).


ffflaneur said...

scissors???? what scissors? I only see pictures of perfectly respectable wireless phone accessories. No scissors in sight.

when did you last debug your imaging software?

Improbulus said...

fff, that's why I took the screenshots, for proof! It was scissors on both work & home computers on the day I posted that, but the next day they'd cottoned on and fixed it. Maybe Amazon read this blog. As if!