Sunday, 28 October 2007

Search all Google blogs: update - developers & others

I've updated my post on searching all Google blogs to add:
  • recently-started Google blogs (only up till today, of course), so that they'll be included in your search too

  • a new search which is limited just to Google dev blogs i.e. blogs mainly of interest to developers (includes a few blogs of interest to developers though not exclusively on coding e.g. Google Blog, Webmaster Central etc)

  • details of the feed URL for just the Google developers' blogs, for coders to add to their feed readers (in case anyone hadn't seen the link).
You can try the searches using the search forms on that post, or two of them in my sidebar (I've not included the box to search all English-only blogs).

You can even add any of those searches to your personalised Google homepage if you wish - the buttons are in that post.

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