Friday, 11 March 2011

Domestic reviews - Gilberts' gourmet chopping boards

I cook a lot. And I absolutely love Gilberts' cutting boards (which I think are the "Epicurean" range).

When I was looking for new chopping boards, I wanted ones that were dishwasher-safe and light, and so I avoided considering wooden ones, which in my experience are usually huge and high-maintenance.

But then, fortunately for me, I came across the Gilberts Epicurean boards, and they're just fantastic. The description says they're used by many professional chefs, and I'm not at all surprised.

These superb boards are made from "environmentally-friendly natural wood fibre composite laminate", according to the blurb, but they really are dishwasher safe and they don't need any oiling etc, so they're very low maintenance indeed.

More to the point, they provide a great cutting surface, with a good, pretty non-slip grip for the knife, and I can cut up stuff on these boards without etching deep grooves into the surface too. Cutting and chopping using these boards just feels more comfortable, easy, efficient and secure to me, than with other chopping boards that I've used.

The board is thin and light (even the bigger version), with a nice large hole to hang it up with. The large board is even lighter than smaller plastic chopping boards I've used. So it's easy to store, and easy (even for a weakling like me) to pick up the board and take it to the cooker to scrape cut-up meat or veg into the wok or pan straight from the board.

These boards aren't cheap at £20 or more (at the date of writing this), but they're not prohibitively expensive either, as they're still under £30, and to me they're well worth the money as they are so good, and seem very durable. I've not had mine that long so I can't testify they'll last for years, but they feel like they would. An excellent investment, in my book.

They're available via Amazon in natural or black, in two sizes - 15" x 11" or 12" x 9".

I have to say that these are brilliant, simply the best chopping boards I've ever used, and I cook at least two or three times a week. First rave review in ages, and it's not even for electronic kit!

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