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Blackberry keyboard shortcuts

Friday, May 25, 2007
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I have a Blackberry via work. Its keyboard isn't as good as the Psion 5mx's (nothing is, yet, wail - it's my top gadget wishlist item!).

But I'm a huge keyboard shortcuts (or hotkeys) fan. I'm still more productive with a keyboard, even a small one, so I always like finding out about hot keys.

I found these Blackberry keyboard shortcuts which are very handy indeed - that page gives useful descriptive tips on the functioning of the Blackberry keys, although without any pics.

I also found another site, Blackberry Tips, which lists hot keys for when you're:
Many of the hot keys are the same, but it's useful to have a view-based list.

As well as generic Blackberry hot keys, that site also lists keyboard shortcuts for the Blackberry Pearl 8100 e.g. messages.

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